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Meet the Cost of Living fellows

Members of our inaugural fellowship cohort will support the reporting needs of the project—and pursue stories of their own


From top left: Dominique Huff, J.P. Irie, Genia Billingsley, Naya Clark, Maya Teague, Iris Brooks

As part of this series, we’ve launched a fellowship program for Atlanta residents to spend time investigating and reporting on the corridors where our project is focused: Buford Highway, Campbellton Road, Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, and Memorial Drive. These six fellows will go through a three-week journalism course on how to cover housing issues in their own neighborhoods.

Genia Billingsley

A native Atlantan, Genia Billingsley resides in Grove Park off Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway but has spent significant time in each of the four corridors. Genia has reported on gentrification in Bankhead/Grove Park and reported on the unhoused population in her community. Through her fellowship, she hopes to give a voice to unhoused and marginalized populations.

Iris Brooks

An Atlanta Documenter, Iris Brooks has spent time researching affordable housing and tenants’ rights in metro Atlanta. In her reporting, she has learned the importance of forming relationships with the people affected by housing issues and the importance of doing the rigorous legwork needed to characterize the home insecurity that many Georgians face.

Naya Clark

Living off of Campbellton Road, Naya Clark has seen areas of both progress and need in the community, inspiring her to use this fellowship as an opportunity to research and report on the corridors with insight from longtime and new residents.

Dominique Huff

Through his work in nonprofits and journalism, Dominique Huff has witnessed decline and neglect on the Campbellton Road and Donald Lee Hollowell corridors over the past several decades. Dominique is passionate about fair and objective investigative reporting and feature writing.

J.P. Irie

A recent graduate of Georgia State, J.P. Irie spent significant time on the Memorial Drive corridor as a student and used that time to explore everything the area had to offer, including the halal meat shops, the Vietnamese farmers market, and Refugee Coffee Co. nearby. J.P. is an Atlanta Documenter and is interested in learning more about the diversity of the corridors.

Maya Teague

As someone who drives down Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway daily, Maya Teague has seen firsthand the impact that construction has had and will have on the community’s property values and quality of life. Maya is passionate about educating citizens on housing options and increasing financial literacy in her community.


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